Lessons from Sell Out Week 2

Influence within the Boundary Lines

Cody’s rise and fall in the kingdom of Madison High School evokes a myriad of emotions spawning from various relatable scenarios.  He is reminded by his trainer and that he has a powerful influence while at the top of the unappetizing food chain of high school no matter how he got the alpha position. In this ranking, he has insight to what fuels the masterminds of adolescent royalty.

Unbeknownst to him, his most influential moments are discovered when the world would say he is at his lowest. As his peers find power in the belittling of others, it is the moments when Cody comforts the victim that he truly is victorious in the eyes of our Savior. 

Woe be the power of influence that can accompany popularity, a title, tax bracket, possessions, family, etc.  If we want to admit it or not, circumstances often determine our perceptions of others and even ourselves.

We frame our perception around what our mortal minds construct. Pier and beam flooring of the family name & heritage, brick walls laboriously assembled by deeds, trusses lifted high by the things that rust and moths destroy, and not to mention the luxury car in the garage on the largest lot in the best neighborhood. No matter what our earthly imaginations have built, God is the influential foreman in the construction of His kingdom.

What a beautiful promise that He will build us up no matter where life takes us. Consider the story of Ruth. She is a beautiful example of the Lord using someone despite the tolls they have paid in fare to life. Ruth loses her husband to death, submits in honor to stay with her mother-in-law Naomi, moves to an unfamiliar land, and works tirelessly in a stranger’s field.  Our God is big and He is faithful to give her a lovely inheritance in the pleasant land of her situation. Ruth is given more than a mother-in-law in Naomi but a true friend, she finds love with Boaz, and is blessed with a child to carry on the family name.

I praise Him for the example He gives us in Ruth. He sketches a beautiful blueprint of His faithfulness no matter what land we are given. As if to add-on a second floor, or better yet- a vacation home, Naomi, Ruth, & Boaz take roles in building a solid lineage of world-changers. Ruth became the great-grandmother of King David, a man who – as mentioned in 2 Samuel – found favor in the eyes of the Lord.

Granted, we will never give birth to a king. However, as Christians, we are children of the One True King! We are in His lineage. Our influence has nothing to do with us, but has everything to do with Him. Just think, sisters, of the mansions He is building for each of us.  I imagine mine will have a child-proof bathroom, self-cleaning floors, and a pantry that automatically turns the can labels to the front. A girl can dream!

Before construction can begin, we must assure that our foundations are set firmly in Him. He desires us to have great influence in this world and has made our names great by His blood. He has placed our boundary lines in favorable places to build us up. If our property lot is huddled on a locker room floor like Fatty James, at the top of the social ladder like Cody, or by the side of a loved one like Ruth, rest assured that it is in His plan. 

Sometimes it is hard to believe that we are in a position of influence while on the reaping floors of life.  Small talk in the carpool line may be the groundwork to a new godly relationship, busing a diner table and offering a smile to a lone patron may be the chisel that breaks down the walls the world has built, encouraging an intern to keep their chin up may be the first steps on their endless upward staircase. You never know the impact you might have.