Walking through someone else’s struggle is sometimes all you need to face your own.

 “Tammy L. Gray takes readers through a can't-put-it-down novel filled with moving dialogue, realistic characters, and yet another unique storyline that keeps you engaged, experiencing the characters' emotions, failures, and victories right along with them, and even searching your own soul for applications and changes that the Lord might be wanting you to make in your own life.” - Amazon Reviewer

Bentwood Series

Who am I? Do I like who I’ve become? This series tackles identity issues and finding who you are in Christ.

Hope Series

Is it too late for someone like me? This series tackles self forgiveness and letting go of the mistakes in the past.

Sell Out

How do I fight injustice? This books looks at the longterm effects of bullying and how Christ can bring healing to those who have suffered.

mercy’s Fight

Is it okay if I’m weak? This book shows how to let go of past demons so that you can be used by God for a greater purpose.

Winsor Series

Am I enough? This series tackles self esteem and addiction.