Wish you had a writing partner?

One of the greatest gifts I've been given in my career is to have other writers help critique my chapters. Our small group brings unique gifts and talents and the results have been stellar writing all round.

In 2017 alone, our group produced a RITA Award winner, A Carol Award winner, A Christy Award nominee and multiple other award nominations. 

Now I'm bringing that service and knowledge to you by offering Chapter by Chapter critiques. This is a great way to catch mistakes early and find plot holes before investing significant time and money.  

For each chapter I will look at:

  • Plot development
  • Chapter hooks
  • Character development
  • Believability issues
  • Quality dialogue
  • Use of setting and power words
  • Overall structure improvements

Chapters will be returned within 2 business days. Collaboration will be via email. 

Cost: $2.50 per page

Submissions must be electronic, double-spaced, standard 8 1/2 by 11 inch page with Times New Roman or Courier 12-point font. Margins should be at least one inch on all four sides. 

Contact me at tlgraybooks@gmail.com for more information and scheduling